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vc 1 Eurobulker IV

What is this? (under the sea) is an info-visualisation project about a series of sinkings and incidents in the Mediterranean Sea, involving ships which are suspected of having carried toxic and radioactive waste. is a work-in-progress project, which will be subject to corrections and updates and welcomes the contributions of users and experts.

dataset employs data coming from official documents made available by the Lloyds's of London, dossiers on the case by Legambiente and other ecological associations, newspaper clippings and background information gathered from specialist Internet sites.

disclaimer is not able to assert with absolute certainty whether the suspicious ships lie exactly in the point indicated on the map, and whether they effectively contain toxic and radioactive waste. The only way to verify these elements, is to send a ROV, (Remotely operated underwater vehicle) to all the sites in which the incidents have taken place.

contribute is a work-in-progress project and welcomes contributions, corrections and suggestions from users and experts in the field.
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